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Medical Evacuation Services from JET ICU Bring You to Your Preferred Hospital Anywhere in the World

Medical EvacuationJET ICU is the medical evacuation company you can count on if catastrophe strikes while you’re on vacation or otherwise out of the country. We specialize in transporting individuals who have suffered a serious illness or injury abroad back to an appropriate medical facility in their home country. We maintain full operational control over our jets and our staff, which means we can have a jet in the air with highly trained medics on board in as little as 90 minutes. Additionally, we’re able to fly anywhere around the globe, so no matter where you are in the world, we can be there for you.

One of the benefits of choosing JET ICU for a medical evacuation is that we’ll fly to the desired destination, without exception. In many cases, insurance companies may dictate medevacs to provide transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility, which may not necessarily be in the patient’s home country, let alone home city. At JET ICU, we will provide transportation to the most appropriate medical facility nearest to the injured individual’s home, ensuring loved ones can be nearby during recovery. Our in-house legal team also advocates on behalf of our clients with insurance providers in an effort to get the costs of our medical transport services covered.

But that’s not the only reason to rely on JET ICU when you need a medical evacuation. Consider some of the other ways we stand apart:

  • Our jets – We own and operate our jets, which allows us to have full quality assurance control. Furthermore, our jets are bigger, safer, and newer than what many other medevac companies use.
  • Patient advocacy – Our in-house legal team works directly with insurance companies to get the cost of our medical evacuation services covered. We advocate on behalf of our clients to limit (or potentially even eliminate) out-of-pocket costs and to reduce stress during this trying experience.
  • Certifications – Our doctors are board certified, our nurses and emergency medics are critical care certified, and our company is accredited by the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA), so we have the expertise necessary to provide appropriate care to those we transport.

Experience matters, especially when it comes to medical evacuation. When experience matters, you want JET ICU. We’re ready to help in your time of need. We have a communications center open 24 hours a day that can provide assistance with scheduling a flight for a medical evacuation.

Jet I.C.U. was a key component to my further existence on this earth! The words I say now aloud, ‘thank you for being there for me,’ come from my heart. Thank you so much for the compassion you showed my family and those who were close to me during this difficult time.”