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Prompt Air Medical Transport for Cruise Ships near the Cayman Islands

Air Medical Transport Cayman IslandsCruise ships have onboard medical facilities that passengers can visit when they are experiencing seasickness, have hurt their foot, or are enduring any other type of non-life-threatening injury or illness. However, if you sustain a more serious injury or illness while on board, you may require air medical transport services to get to a higher level of care close to home. If this happens to you or a loved one while cruising near the Cayman Islands, you can count on JET ICU. We can have a jet in the air and on its way to you within 90 minutes of receiving your call.

The Air Medical Transport Process

JET ICU practices bedside-to-bedside service, which means we take care of all the logistical details involved in your air medical transport. We will:

  • Contact the cruise ship to coordinate the medevac
  • Provide constant medical attention throughout the flight
  • Arrange ground transportation once we’ve landed to bring you to the medical facility
  • Coordinate with the receiving medical facility to ensure a medical team is ready to take over your care
  • Communicate with your loved ones throughout this whole process to ensure they remain updated on your condition

Insurance Advocacy

We have an in-house legal team that works directly with insurance companies on behalf of our patients. They will work hard to eliminate your out-of-pocket cost and have plenty of experience doing this very thing for patients like you, so you can trust them to be your advocate throughout the process.

Contact JET ICU today if you need air medical transport while on a cruise near the Cayman Islands.